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Russian lays plans for 300-mm wafer fab
News Posted: 18.06.07
Peter Clarke, EETimes

LONDON - Russia is working with what is known as the "Kedah Group" to construct a 300-mm
wafer fab at Nizhny Novgorod.

Details are sparse but the project was included in a presentation by Alexander Kalinin, deputy
chairman for the Russian Federal Fund for Electronics.

The fund has budgeted $700 million as a grant to support Kedah Group in the construction of wafer
fabrication facilities capable of 8-inch and 12-inch manufacture at up to 30,000 wafer starts per
month. The facility would manufacture circuits using 0.18-micron down to 90-nanometer
manufacturing processes, according to Kalinin.

The constituent members of the Kedah Group are not clear at this time. Kedah is a Malaysian state
which includes Kulim where there is a technology park. The Kulim Hi-tech Park (KHTP) tenants
include Silterra, Intel, Infineon, Fuji Electric and AIC Semiconductor.

Silterra is working with research house IMEC (Leuven, Belgium) on a 90-nm CMOS process with
plans to scale it down to 65 nm. The 90-nm process is expected to be ready for production in the
second half of 2008 and Silterra has said the process would pave the way for alliances between
Silterra and other foundries as well as the company's migration to 300-mm manufacturing.

A leading-edge 300-mm wafer fab typical costs in excess of $3 billion to fully facilitize. Even a
lagging fab could easily cost in excess of $1 billion. No explanation was given of how the fab would
manufacture using both 8-inch wafers and 12-inch diameter wafers, or migrate from one size to the